Chilsack VS other Sacks

Chillsacks are made in the USA and ship within 2 business days.   We offer a three year warranty.   Inside liner is included!    Cover is also included!   Our price for a 6' Chillsack is $289.   Our business model of direct sales with no retail stores allows us to offer top quality at excellent prices.

If you are looking for something that is high quality and super comfortable at affordable prices you have found the right product. The ChillSack was designed to make life a little more comfortable, but not break the budget. We know there are a lot of other companies out there trying to compete. We don't like to call them competitors because their products don't compare. Whether you are looking at a Cuddle Bag, Siesta Sac, Bajama Bag, Fat Sac, Buddha bag, Udder Comfort bag, or any other foam filled sack, you will be impressed at the superior quality and comfort of the ChillSack.