Chillsack Warranty

Chillsac is certain you will love your ChillSack so much that every ChillSack that goes out the door comes with a 3 Year Comfort Guarantee. We guarantee that your Chill Sack will not break, leak, go flat!!! The great thing about our foam filled sacks is that the more you fluff them, the fluffier they become.

We have tested the durability of our bags against some pretty heavy use and they stay fluffy every time. They are meant to withstand a beating or two. So feel comfortable using them to relax and have fun. This picture to the right gives you an idea of some of the tests. Don't try this at home. We test it so you don't have to.

With research we found using shredded foam maintains comfort and provides a sack that will remain full in size, even after long periods of use. ChillSacks are filled and compressed with care so we make sure that your Chill Sack arrives in perfect shape for you.

If there are any manufacturer defects with your ChillSack, we will replace it with a new sack. Our warranty on manufacturers defects is in effect for three years after you receive your sack. It does not cover any problems due to extreme use of the sack. They are meant to be tossed around and fluffed, so go ahead and enjoy your ChillSack.

We have made a very high quality sack because we know how important it is to you. You can feel secure knowing you are getting the best sack on the market.